Great Ideas Series (Combo of 06 Books)

A ready reckoner with most practical and workable solutions of life situations.



Book 1:- 100 Great Business Idea by Jeremy Kourdi (Rs 295/-)

Every great business starts off with an idea.This book is about some of the best ideas used in business. Some simple ones based on common sense and others based on detailed research and brilliant intellect. One simple idea can be the catalyst which moves markets, inspires employees, and captures the heart and imagination of customers.

Book 2:- 100 Great Leadership Ideas by Jonathan Gifford (Rs 295/-)

“100 Great Leadership Ideas uses the collective wisdom of over 130 outstanding modern leaders to select and present the most significant leadership ideas, concepts and practices that have proven to work in today’s business environment. The leaders quoted in this book include CEOs of major corporations across the globe, world-changing politicians, leaders from history and renowned academics and thinkers. Packed with case studies to learn from as well as verbatim advice from some of these powerful leaders.

Book 3:- 100 Great Innovation Ideas  by Howard Wright (Rs 295/-)

The 100 great innovation ideas in this book will make you an idea factory, giving you the power to transform your workplace. The author doesn’t stop at just giving you these ideas but also arms you with suggestions on how you can execute them in your own life or organization.

Book 4:- 100 Great Marketing Ideas by Jim Blythe (Rs 295/-)

“Marketing moves fast—competitors come up with new ideas to steal your business every day, so you need to stay ahead of the game. This book can help! Written in an engaging and lively manner, it gives you 100 ideas from real companies.The ideas are thought-provoking and adaptable to most businesses.

Book 5:- 100 Great Personal Impact Ideas by Peter Shaw (Rs 295/-)

Each of the 100 ideas is described in a brief yet clear manner and is followed by advice on how that idea can be applied to your own situation. Use these powerful tips from experts in the field to choose how you wish to impact your circle of influence and make a change.

Book 6:- 100 Great Time Management Ideas by Patrick Forsyth (Rs 295/-)

“Your personal productivity and effectiveness help determine your level of success. Yet, all of us are at some point overwhelmed by the pressure and chaos that are now becoming a part and parcel of our workplaces.In today’s times when people at all levels are struggling to cope with their demanding schedules, just one simple idea can be the catalyst to change that. This book can be that very catalyst.

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