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About This Book (By: Napoleon Hill)

“Napoleon Hill, author of multi-million best seller Think and Grow Rich, was one of the pioneers of the personal growth movement. It can be easily said that he has been of the most influential authors of all times. This biography captures the … 

Born in poverty in rural Virginia, leading a turbulent childhood, wild-child Napoleon Hill was gifted a typewriter by his step mother at the age of 13. That is when Hill began writing as a “”mountain reporter” for various small town newspapers.

With single-minded passion for success, Hill worked his way through law school and became a business journalist. Never one to give up, he picked up the gauntlet that Andrew Carnegie, possibly the richest man at the time, threw him. It was to codify the rules of achievement that had made America so strong. Over the next twenty years, Hill interviewed successful people from all walks of life and brought together the learning in the book The Law of Success.

A Lifetime of Riches explores Hill’s private life and his personal struggles, the hardships and setbacks that Hill went through before he became as successful as he did. The lessons that Hill taught others were often lessons he had learned himself. His eventual triumph is the perfect testament to the power of his conviction.

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