Battery Operated Kitchen & Appliance Set (Combo of 02 Games for Girls)


  • Operates with Light and Sound. Can be Converted into a Carry Along Brief Case after Dismantling.
  • If you are tired of cleaning up the kids room after their playtime…this is a blessing for you. This can be compact carrier and store for toys and kids can be inspired to clean up their room and make a brief case themselves. So don’t wait just order this awesome Kitchen toy set.
  • Minimum age requirement: 3 years or more ; battery info: uses 6 aa 
  • Dimension: 44 x 17 x 9 cm weight: 485 grams

JAY ANTIQUES PRESENTS:  Luxury Kitchen Super Set is all that the children need to cook in their own Pretend Play Kitchen Set. It contains cookware set and other kitchen accessories, etc. This Play Set gets the kids to involve themselves in playful activities that are highly beneficial to Theme and also Super Fun. It is the best Cooking Companion for all-day fun play. It provides imaginative role-play, and introduces the kids to daily household kitchen chores. It is made of high quality material and can self-assembled in easy steps by following the illustrations on the package. It has light and sound that excites the children. It requires 3 AA batteries to operate and is suitable for kids age 3 years and up. (Rs. 1493)

JAY ANTIQUES bring the quintessential kitchen appliances for your kids to learn the basic vocabulary and the mechanism. Young children learn by imagining and doing. Join your child’s make-believe games (if you’re invited, of course), but remember: you should always let her direct the action. “Ruling an imaginary world is comforting to toddlers because the real one seems so big and intimidating to them, “this is their chance to be in control. ” (Rs.1493)

Seller : Jay Antiques

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