Business Leadership (Combo of 04 books)

A set of 04 excellent leadership books , recommended for all professionals.



Book 1:- Leading The Leaders by Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes (Rs 650/-)

This book was written to help you discover your basic management style and compensate for your weaknesses so you can work better with others – subordinates, peers, and those you report to – whose management styles are different from your own. The prescriptions are intended to enrich management styles, not to achieve a personality change in managers. 

Book 2:- JRD Tata by Cyrus M. Gonda (Rs 695/-)

53 astounding and profitable leadership learning from the life of India’s most loved, admired and trusted corporate and business leader of all time, including: VISION: Founder of TCS, Tata Chemicals, Titan, Tata Tea, and many other Tata Group companies.

Book 3:- Master Of Business Etiquette by Cyrus M. Gonda (Rs 399/-)

THE WORLD’S FIRST STRUCTURED AND COMPREHENSIVE MODEL ON CORPORATE ETIQUETTE AND SOFT SKILLS In today’s highly competitive business environment, manners and etiquette provide you and your team the defining cutting-edge to strengthen relationships, win business, and stay profitably ahead.

Book 4:-  Partnership Is The New Leadership by TY BENNETT (Rs 250/-)

To be relevant, influential, and successful today, partnership in leadership needs to be the approach. “ As a new generation of leaders emerge, new ideas also surface. The exponential changes in management also require new perspectives. Ty Bennett’s book, Partnership Is The New Leadership, provides an in-depth and critical understanding of today’s leadership model, against the background of increasingly complicated industries in the 2000’s

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