Latest & Evergreen (Combo of 04 Books)

The evergreen topics that remain latest forever.



Book 1:- Digital Bank by Chris Skinner (Rs 495/-)

“Post demonetization, digital banking has become a imperative topic across India. The way we look at banking has changed and the common man is also now more interested in banking than ever before. As the banking world is being transformed from a world of branches to digital financial experiences, with new partnerships, new forms of commerce and even new currencies, Chris Skinner captures the scope and impact of these changes in an easy-to-read format. 

Book 2:- Reiki Magick by Christopher Penczak (Rs 495/-)

This book explores both basic and advanced applications of the ancient art of universal healing we all know as Reiki. Reiki Magick starts with a look at ‘universal life force energy’ and how its use in healing originated.You will be introduced to all the three degrees of Reiki along with their symbols, supported by illustrations where needed. 

Book 3:- How Life Works by Andrew Matthews (Rs 350/-)

How Life Works is about why the same things keep happening to you. It is a fun book on living life, with the wisdom of a manual but without the seriousness. It helps you figure out WHY bad things happen? WHY some people are rich while others aren’t? WHY bills come in bunches? and why it all seems to work in a pattern. The good news: you are not your patterns and YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR PATTERNS. This book shows you the nuts and bolts of life. 

Book 4:- 100 Great Personal Impact Ideas by Peter Shaw (Rs 295/-)

Each of the 100 ideas is described in a brief yet clear manner and is followed by advice on how that idea can be applied to your own situation. Use these powerful tips from experts in the field to choose how you wish to impact your circle of influence and make a change.

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