lifetime jewels (Combo of 06 Books)

A select collection of lifetime lessons and teachings like a jewel.



Book 1:- Follow Your Heart by Andrew Matthews (Rs 350/-)

FOLLOW YOUR HEART is about doing what you love and finding peace of mind. It is about dealing with disasters and not blaming others for them! It is about how happy people think, why rich people make money – even by accident – and it^s about what losers do, and how not to be like them! This book has touched the lives of millions of readers world-wide and helped them turn their life around. It shows you in a simple way of dealing with problems

Book 2:- Being Happy by Andrew Matthews (Rs 350/-)

This is a cheerful and happy self help book that will make you feel better about yourself and help you move towards a HAPPIER you. It talks about understanding the natural laws of nature so that one can understand our own nature better and find happiness within. By the time you finish reading this book, you will be able to laugh at yourself, be more forgiving of your faults. It helps you steer away from depression, towards a more positive self image – The nicer you treat yourself the nicer others treat you.

Book 3:- A Lifetime of Riches by Napoleon Hill (Rs 295/-)

“Napoleon Hill, author of multi-million best seller Think and Grow Rich, was one of the pioneers of the personal growth movement. It can be easily said that he has been of the most influential authors of all times. Born in poverty in rural Virginia, leading a turbulent childhood, wild-child Napoleon Hill was gifted a typewriter by his step mother at the age of 13. That is when Hill began writing as a “”mountain reporter” for various small town newspapers.

Book 4:- 8 To Be Great by Richard St John (Rs 295/-)

Based on 10 years of research – 500 Face to Face Interviews with extraordinary people including Bill Gates, Martha Stewart, Richard Branson, Jane Goodall, and the Google Founders, this book brings you the essence of the qualities that successful people have and inculcate. What is unique about this book – which makes it completely different from most other similar books is that the matter is presented colorfully – in a fun manner – which makes reading the book both enjoyable, as well as educative. 

Book 5:- Believe and Receive by Melissa Alvarez (Rs 295/-)

OBTAIN YOUR HEART’S GREATEST DESIRES BY EMBRACING YOUR UNIVERSAL POWER. The universe wants you to achieve everything you desire in life, and with this practical book’s guidance, you can. Believe and Receive is a powerful reference book that Melissa Alvarez dedicates a chapter to each natural law, providing description and history, an associated affirmation, useful application tips, and try-it-now exercises.

Book 6:- Idli Orchid And Will Power by Dr. Vithal Kamat (Rs 250/-)

The story of an entrepreneur who moved from a single, family style restaurant, to create a chain known across the nation. But his passion for hospitality did not stop there. Vithal Kamat had a dream to make a five star hotel. He went on to make THE OORCHID, a five-star ecotel, which won numerous awards for being the world^s best environmentally sensitive hotel. The Orchids multiplied and today stand as icons of hospitality. This is the story of what went into the making of this empire. 

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