My Super Power (Combo of 06 Books)

A combo that reveals the hidden super powers of universe and self.



Book 1:- Reiki Magick by Christopher Penczak (Rs 495/-)

This book explores both basic and advanced applications of the ancient art of universal healing we all know as Reiki. Reiki Magick starts with a look at ‘universal life force energy’ and how its use in healing originated.You will be introduced to all the three degrees of Reiki along with their symbols, supported by illustrations where needed. 

Book 2:- The Power of Beliefs by Rik Schnabel (Rs 350/-)

In The Power of Beliefs, the author Rik Schnabel who is a leading authority on behavioural change, examines the formations of beliefs and the enormous effect it has on our lives. While doing so he talks about 7 common beliefs that prevent us from reaching our highest potential and gives a way to replace them with a whole new set of beliefs that will powerfully and positively impact every area of your life.

Book 3:- Mental Toughness & Iron Will by Patrik King (Rs 250/-)

“Life is tough, embrace and lift its offerings. People are always given two choices when they are knocked down; either to take up the challenge or to sustain for good. Which choice will you settle for? How will you live your life. Mental Toughness & Iron Will is a guidebook into becoming someone who stops at nothing to achieve their goals.

Book 4:- The Magic Of Getting What You Want by DR, David J, Schwartz (Rs 350/-)

From the bestselling author of The Magic Of Thinking Big, which has sold over four million copies worldwide, here is a book that shows you how to generate more wealth, have greater influence, and get more happiness in life. Using a number real life success stories, David J. Schwartz shows you how to achieve everything you desire by approaching life positively and planning your goals methodically.

Book 5:- How Life Works by Andrew Matthews (Rs 350/-)

How Life Works is about why the same things keep happening to you. It is a fun book on living life, with the wisdom of a manual but without the seriousness. It helps you figure out WHY bad things happen? WHY some people are rich while others aren’t? WHY bills come in bunches? and why it all seems to work in a pattern. The good news: you are not your patterns and YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR PATTERNS. This book shows you the nuts and bolts of life. 

Book 6:- Bring Out The Magic In Your Mind by Al Koran (Rs 250/-)

Here is the key to the amazing untapped powers in your own mind… secrets that can transform your career and life. You don’t have to be a magician or a ‘brain’ to command these mental resources. If you only learn to employ your own natural magnetism, using the techniques of this book, you can gain amazing influence over others, and ‘will’ your way to business and social success. The book tells how the personal electricity within you gives you magnetic powers. 

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