Powerful Secrets (Combo of 06 Books)

Collection of powerful secrets that are life changing.



Book 1:- The Power of Opposites by Dr.Ichak Adizes (Rs 295/-)

Dr.Ichak Adizes is one of the world’s leading management consultants, adviser to heads of state and professor of management at some of the world’s most prestigious universities. He created a legendary methodology that bears his name and is the author of 26 books. An organization is a system and a marriage is a system. In this book he will teach you the secret to manage your marriage and your family just like an organization. 

Book 2:- 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class by Steve Siebold (Rs 295/-)

How far you go in life and your level of success is determined by your mental toughness. 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class, identifies and explains the thought processes, habits, and philosophies of the world’s greatest professionals. After 20 years of interviewing, coaching and competing against world-class performers, Steve Seibold has broken down their secrets into mini-modules that are easy to read and simple to understand.

Book 3:- Success Principles rediscovered by Napolean Hill (Rs 295/-)

All too often life throws challenges at us and tests our mettle. When this happens, some people are crushed while others are resilient and rise from the ashes to become a stronger and an improved version of their past selves. Napoleon Hill spent many decades interviewing many such successful people and researching the tenets that they use. Success Principles Rediscovered, contains these distilled principles, which if followed religiously can open up multiple doors to success in your life.

Book 4:- The Game of Change by Geeta Ramakrishnan (Rs 295/-)

Daunted by the overwhelming task of women handling multiple roles in today’s high pressure world, Ontological coach Geeta Ramakrishnan shares the “aha” moment on her perception of the fears and insecurities of life that were holding not only her but many others back from unleashing ultimate happiness. Over the past 30 years Geeta has been the glue that has held a global logistics family business together.

Book 5:- Building A Winning Personality by Rashid Merchant (Rs 295/-)

All of us have the inborn capacity and the potential to achieve more than what we actually achieve or accomplish. We are born to win, but we have been conditioned to lose. All winners across the world realize this fact and thoroughly work on themselves. At whatever stage of life you may be, there is always a room for improvement. The art of developing a great personality can be learnt and practiced till excellence. 

Book 6:- The Art of Making Money by Denis Cauvier & Alan Lysaght  (Rs 295/-)

Do you ever wonder what makes some people rich and successful while others are destined to struggle their whole lives? The difference is in their Attitude toward money. It is important to look within and examine the issue that is stopping you from becoming wealthy. This book has a unique approach. Instead of just giving the reader the usual do’s and don’ts of managing money – which it does in very clear, actionable terms – this invaluable book walks readers through the psychology of money. 

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