Professional Skill Enhancers (Combo of 04 Books)

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Book 1:- Leading The Leaders by Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes (Rs 650/-)

This book was written to help you discover your basic management style and compensate for your weaknesses so you can work better with others – subordinates, peers, and those you report to – whose management styles are different from your own. The prescriptions are intended to enrich management styles, not to achieve a personality change in managers.

Book 2:- Managing Corporate Life cycles by Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes (Rs 425/-)

It describes and analyzes the usual path organizations take as they grow and the optimal path they should take to avoid the typical problems of growing and aging. Insightful and filled with practical knowledge, it is invaluable in diagnosing the problems of organizational growth and aging. 

Book 3:- Mastering Change by Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes (Rs 425/-)

Written in a conversational format with easy-to-understand graphics, presents a tested method for mastering change, whether in personal life, family life, business or society. In short chapters that are profound, yet easy to follow, Dr. Adizes conveys his method of understanding the dynamics of change. The book addresses many issues which are critical to our future, both individually and collectively — what to do about change, why conflict is necessary, how to make quality decisions, and how to create mutual trust and respect in the company, the home and in society — to name only a few.

Book 4:- 100 Great Time Management Ideas by Patrick Forsyth (Rs 295/-)

“Your personal productivity and effectiveness help determine your level of success. Yet, all of us are at some point overwhelmed by the pressure and chaos that are now becoming a part and parcel of our workplaces.In today’s times when people at all levels are struggling to cope with their demanding schedules, just one simple idea can be the catalyst to change that. This book can be that very catalyst.

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